TMRC Impact



TMRC Impact is a unique INSIGHTS

and CUSTOMER & BRAND EXPERIENCE Development Studio.


We decode People's Experiences, Aspirations and Motivations:

We use the most suitable and effective approaches to understand how people experience

themselves, their lives and choices, and their relationships with products and brands.


Armed with unrivalled customer insights, we produce tangible directions for

Product Experience & Design Development, for Brand Narrative & Communication

that carries highest possible emotional relevance and motivational drive to the customer.


And we have been doing so successfully for more than 20 years.



Our founder, Holger E. Metzger, established TMRC in 1998 in Shanghai.

Apart from helping global and indigenous brands, whether established or newly emerging,

with understanding the market & customer, and providing effective innovation, branding and communication strategy,

he has also been teaching cross-divisional teams in advanced consumer perception and communication psychology.

His video courses are bestsellers on international and Chinese e-learning platforms.


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